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Place for Bikers – Balete Batangas as Southern Luzon Biking Capital

By Posted on 2 m read

What do you do with a great outdoor view and fresh cool breeze?

Appreciate it. How?

Either you stroll, run, or bike. And I found biking in Balete, Batangas just to be like this. A relaxing, healthy and clean fun.

Balete Batangas Biking Capital of Southern Luzon (4)

My It was early morning that we headed out to Barangay Malabanan, where the registration of “Balete: Biking Capital of Southern Batangas” Fun Bike Tour was located.

Cristelle and I prepped ourselves before the cycling. But, we cannot help but gazed upon the beauty that is right beneath us. A good look of nature is just one of the perks having to be in this place of Balete, Batangas.

Balete Batangas Biking Capital of Southern Luzon Rey Belen Travel Blogger

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Balete Batangas

Balete, is a fifth class municipality of Batangas province. It just a few minutes away from Malvar, Lipa and Tanauan. Some of its barangay boasts of its location in one of the lands surrounding Taal Lake.

It is also known as a land of honeybees, as many locals do beekeeping for business.

Land of Honey Bees

Plus, Balete is has its own share of both natural and man-made attractions. Aside from a great view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano, one can find another attraction, the Marian Orchard. The Marian Orchard is a popular spot for pilgrims during holy weeks. It is one of the most visited places in Balete.

Marian Orchard Balete Batangas

Another attraction, especially to local bikers, is the famous eatery of Tita Eva. Frequent bikers in the area tend to gather around this eatery after their biking route around the challenging trail of Balete.

Balete Batangas Biking Capital of Southern Luzon (30)

Balete Batangas Biking Capital of Southern Luzon (29)


So, why is Balete gearing towards being the Biking Capital of Southern Luzon?

Well, for one, the trail of Balete is both for recreational bikers and competitive bikers. With great natural sites and fresh breeze, any hobbyist would want this area to be part of their tracks to try.

While this can also be a great practice for competitive bikers for Balete’s challenging trails, both uphill and downhill.

The Balete local government, headed currently by Mayor Leovino Hidalgo, promised to have bike lanes all over the usual bike trails within the municipality, since both local and visiting cyclist from nearby towns and provinces often run on the Balete trails.

So, in line with the 46th year of Balete being a town, it was fitting to campaign for it being a Bike Capital of Southern Luzon.

Such a promotion can definitely boost more sports-tourism in the area. Clearly, it is an activity worth doing once nearby, like what we did when we stayed at Lima Park Hotel.

Balete Batangas Biking Capital of Southern Luzon (19)

So whether you want another challenging trail to finish, or a nature-lover / cyclist, then, Balete Batangas IS A MUST-DO for any biker.

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