6 Reasons to Bring QuikPod Sport on Your Travels and Adventures (Gadget Review)

Whether you are trying to be practical on bringing stuff along or just too lazy to pack so many things, but still want to make the most out of your photos and videos, chances are, you will have more reason to bring a monopod, like the QuikPod Sport, so not to waste time, chance, money and effort to bring an action cam (GoPro), a smartphone or a compact camera.


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Here are few more reasons why a quality monopod like the QuikPod Sport can be mainstay in your carry-on:


For the first obvious reasons, portability and weight. With a monopod being the the lightest and easiest to carry camera accessory to make your shot more stable, it is a no-brainer to bring this along.

You can’t always bring a tripod with you, especially if you have other things to considering carrying first. And knowing, you can’t always rely on your “steady” hands, then, the monopod is definitely the go-to-add-on.

QuikPod Sport weighs 7.3 oz (207 g) only which is very light. And at 15.5″ (39.4 cm), retracted size, can fit your backpack easily.

The QuikPod Sport is not the longest monopod in the QuikPod arsenal, but with a 39″ (99 cm) extended reach, you have plenty of shots and tricks to work around.

With the rods made of airplane grade black Anodized Aluminum, the QuikPod Sport is one tough, yet light monopod.


Compared to traditional tripods, monopods are easy to setup. A few snaps, screws and locks, you are good to go. In a matter of seconds, you can mount any of your device to capture photos and videos on your QuikPod Sport.


Unlike regular monopods, the QuikPod Sport has few additions to make it a better option. QuikPod Sport includes right out of the box quick-release mounts for:

  • compact cameras / mirrorless / DSLR (regular tripod thread)
  • smartphone
  • action camera (GoPro, SJcam, Sony, etc.)


Using the QuikPod Sport can give you better angles and perspectives for your photo and video. The length of the pole gives you a wider view of your subject.

Its length can be also an advantage to high or low shots giving a different look than what your hands can reach. Especially when used using a wide angle lens, videos and photos can have a different look.

Plus, its head assembly with full 360° Pan & Tilt Action capability makes it easy to virtually make it possible for any kind of shot you’d choose (selfie, groufie, landscape, portrait, etc.).

Combined with the mirror on the QuikPod Sport, anyone wouldn’t have a hard time getting a good selfie or groufie. No need to make it hard on yourself.

Probably they have Filipinos top on their head while designing their monopods. Hahaha.

Plus, you have the option to attach this on a tripod as well for that extra reach.


Though your hands is your “cheapest” and quickest stabilizer you have, it may not be the best. Next best alternative is a tripod (which is bulky) or a gimbal (which is expensive). So your next practical alternative is a monopod. The QuikPod Sport do just that, stabilize your shots, better than your hands.

With some techniques to make the pod more stable, you will get better shots with a monopod on better angles too.


What I like the most about the QuikPod Sport is its built. The QuikPod Sport is built for outdoor, indoor actions in many weather conditions and locations.

It is made to be saltwater-proof (ASTMB117/ISO 9227 Salt Water Standards and Military 810-G) making a one-stop monopod companion for someone like me, who has an action camera. No need to bring different sets of monopod just to cater my smartphone and action camera since being worried of one can’t be soaked in salt water.

Compared to other monopods, the QuikPod Sport is true to its saltwater-proofing as even screws are made of stainless steel, so no worries on what adventure you might end up into, whether trekking up the mountains or snorkeling underwater or getting soaked in rain while walking, the QuikPod Sport ia g go-to-monopod, as you are confident it wouldn’t rust after exposure to water – even salt water.

The rubber grip handle keeps my hold of both my QuikPod Sport and device on its end secure. Compared to other monopods, the QuikPod line has that secure grip. With the added waterproof lanyard, the QuikPod Sport is secured on your hand and wrist.

(Please note the lanyard/wrist strap is not to be used as a tote but is to serve to help stabilize your grip only. Always hold the QuikPod handle securely, do not tote it by the lanyard. The lanyard is engineered to break open under force as a safeguard.)

Plus, the silicone tether for the secure, snug fit of the action cam onto the monopod.


In the Philippines, the QuikPod Sport is retailed at P 2,399.

You can buy it online via Visiontec or see it at Landmark Department Stores, Automatic center, Abenson, Electroworld, Astroplus and Oddysey.


The QuikPod Sport is definitely a great add-on to your camera accessories. Whether you use it professionally or for hobby, as long as you travel a lot, and want a lightweight, portable and dependable companion with your devices, this is a must.

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As you have nothing to worry wherever your feet take you as it can weather any condition (under water, salt water, rain water and sun) and the multiple mounts make it partner with your multiple devices.

Overall, the QuikPod Sport is worth adding to your arsenal.

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