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4 Takes from the AirAsia Red Q Tour Experience

By Posted on 3 m read

Flying via AirAsia is one thing. But touring inside their head office in Sepang, Malaysia is another. It is a totally different experience having an outsider like me take a peak on one of the most successful companies in the region lately.

Located just a few meters away from KLIA2, the AirAsia Red Q, as it is named, is the newly-constructed main office of the multi-awarded budget airline.

At first I thought it was just a regular office of big companies, but when I got it, it is way different that what I expected. And for most part of the tour, I was learning by just simply looking at the infrastructure, the visible culture and the dynamics of people inside.

Here are four (4) of my takes during my AirAsia Red Q tour:

  • It is INDEED an AIRLINE Company

Getting inside the main area was like seeing a nice-looking airport the first time. The AirAsia Red Q is a redesigned, hip version of an airport terminal.

With high ceilings and spacious mid space, the AirAsia Red Q is an epitome of an airport feel. Literally, it is like breathing and walking thru a terminal.

Simply just being true to the nature of their business, I guess.

The spacious area occupies floors of tables for offices. While the mid area is for events, common ground for employees and visitors and also for a wide-choice of foods.

My failed attempt to the take my jump shot on my own at the midst of the AirAsia Red Q. Hahaha.

And of course, our group wouldn’t let this chance pass up without taking a pose. 😀 Thanks to Rodel Flordeliz for this photo.


We have seen offices with novelty framed quotes, scriptures decorated on the walls. Same thing with AirAsia Red Q, only their version is bolder, more creative, and more personalized.

For a budding entrepreneur like me, a tour to an office like this, gives me more idea of how big, successful businesses run their offices. With walls being literally BIG and CONSTANT reminder of the binding principles of how a company was built and how it should continue to run.

In strategic and prominent areas, many leadership and management thoughts are posted on walls to describe the principles that hold the organization together towards success.

AirAsia Red Q is comparable to offices of tech giants: Google and Facebook (you can see from videos and photos all over the internet) that promote an ecosystem of fresh ideas, boundless opportunities and transparent management, subtly demonstrated by “no-high-border” tables and offices for employees.


With all the writings on the walls, principles and inspirations that the whole AirAsia business thrives on, it all boils down to leadership.

I’ve watched many interviews of AirAsia Founder Toni Fernandes and read his entrepreneurial prowess turning an indebted airline company, buying it for 1 Malaysian Ringgit (Php 13 or $ 0.22) and turning it to a billion-dollar enterprise now.

AirAsia Toni Fernandes Rey Belen

What really fascinates me about Toni Fernandes’ leadership is that no matter how much he has accomplished in AirAsia and on his other ventures, he still has that aura seemed to be humble. Personally meeting him up-close and observing him make me validate his humility and simplicity.


Which brings me to the final and most important take of the quick tour at AirAsia Red Q… Good food! As there are lots of choices inside.  that you can feast on.

But seriously, one important thing that I chose to stick my head, which is:


WORK HARD, STAY HUMBLE - AirAsia Mantra posted visibly for everyone to see. Click To Tweet

This is a great centerpiece mantra for everyone to see.

Even for me, a visitor at AirAsia Red Q, this simple, yet powerful matra, became a good reminder on how I should act on my affairs. That instead on focusing on ego, it is better to just work on what matters to be successful.

More than the architectural beauty of the AirAsia Red Q, I find the culture and values inside as my big takes during the tour that I will treasure as I take my entrepreneurial journey.


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