Who is the Happiest Pinoy?

What is happiness? Really?

Well, for some people, it’s being financially successful, for others, it is being with their loved ones. While for some, it is helping others do a bigger cause.

But no matter how it would mean to different people, one thing is common, that whatever the odds may be, for people who are genuinely contented of their circumstances, true happiness will arise.

Looking for THE Happiest Pinoy this year among the more than 13,000 individuals from all walks of life, is happiness for the initiator of this event, Cebuana Lhuillier.

What made the event special is how it generate a very unique enthusiasm among the participants, and more so, to the other people it inspired. Because, for the first time, it is not about beauty, brains, talent, money, nor accomplishents that would be valuable to be recognized in the Happiest Pinoy. But rather, the innermost being of a person and how it affects his/her outlook, habits, and lifestyle.


And after months of research, Cebuana Lhuillier, together with distinguished board of judges, Picked the top 10 finalists of the Happiest Pinoy, where one could win the Happiest Pinoy of 2012.

Top 10 Happiest Pinoy Finalists

All candidates presented to the crowd and press, were all worthy to be The Happiest Pinoy, however only one can be awarded to be such this year, and take home a cash prize of Php 250,000.

And for the judges, it was Rommel Arellano who deserves this year’s Happiest Pinoy grand winner.

Arellano, 35, who was known during his childhood as roaming around on slippers – not on his feet, but on his hands. Rommel, who was sticken by poliomyelitis when he was one, was surprised to hear his name as the grand winner of the Happiest Pinoy. Arellano noted that it has been his disposition to look at the bright side of things.

His faith towards God and believing for a higher purpose for his condition have brought him to a realization to be contented of what he has, yet, strive to do more.

“I am overwhelmed with this unique recognition. By receiving this award, I hope to encourage more Filipinos to stay positive and remain optimistic despite life’s problems. I may not be able to walk, but getting up is never an issue. I will continue my journey, even if I have to crawl.” said Arellano.

Arellano is just one of the many Filipinos who can serve as an inspiration to the millions who need a boost just to get their lives going. There may be a lot of reasons for us to be sad and anxious, but there are more reasons for us to be happy.

No matter what the circumstances maybe, a spark of genuine happiness from one person can lead to life-changing motivation to a lot of people.


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