Using Your Android Device as Baguio Guide in Roaming the City of Pines

If it is your first time in Baguio or probably wanting to impress somebody with your fancy knowledge about places in Baguio or wanting your kids to learn more about the city, then worry no more.

With your Android devices, you can be very much do these and more.

Baguio Guide App (1)

The Baguio Guide App is an easy to know more about the City of Pines. It is a mobile tourism guide is a collaboration by Smart, InnoPub and local government.

What’s good about it is that you can learn about Baguio even on the go, and offline. It is like having your virtual tourist guide at the palm of your hands.

Baguio Guide App

The Baguio Guide app suggests places to go, activities to do, hotels to stay at, restaurants to dine in and a directory of the important establishments.

All of which you can learn from in just few swifts of your fingers.

Here are few of the screenshots of the application.

Best of it all, it is FREE. So no worries about paying for this app.

Also, the Baguio Guide has its own posts in select Baguio tourist attractions that can help people get a good inside of the place.

I saw one in Burnham Park during a short stroll. It is an interesting find.

Using a QR Code scanner from your smartphone (whether iOS or Android), you can see the special message hidden in the code.

You can download the Baguio Guide App on Google Play Store for your Android and you can also check the special virtual guide posts on select Baguio tourist spots.

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