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Unique Pizza Flavors: Inspired by Filipino Dishes

By Posted on 2 m read

Pizza has been one of my favorite food. I love the taste of this Italian-influenced dish, usually offered by restaurants. One local restaurant is offering their pizzas with a twist of popular Filipino-inspired dishes.

MJ’s Cafe introduced three signature Filipino-flavored pizzas: Sisig, Bistek and Tinapa with salted eggs. Knowing that three of the most loved Pinoy dishes, on top of doughs made it an intriguing “feast” to taste.

I had an opportunity to try these three unique flavors, along with online foodies.

The cafe’s marketing head, Gel Yap, briefed us about MJ’s Cafe Bar and the pizzas they are offering. Yap said that the pizzas are grilled and all having thin crusts.


The Taste


Sisig Pizza

The sisig-flavored pizza of MJ’s was a delight. The spicy taste combined with a bit crunchy meat pieces made the experience a satisfaction. It has the rich taste of the “sisig” that Pinoys would want especially during “liquor” sessions. 🙂


Bistek Pizza

Their Bistek Pizza has the taste of what most Filipinos would look for in a bistek. No wonder that most of the foodie bloggers who tasted it found it THE best among the three signature flavors. The rich taste of their bistek is

Tinapa and Salted Egg

Tinapa and Salted Egg

This pizza has the most intriguing taste. I mean, the idea of it alone is a “must-try” already, more so on the taste.

The Tinapa and Salted Egg pizza was really a “blast” for me. It has its own unique taste that, as a Filipino, would make you want more. Although, I must admit that it was a bit salty, probably caused by the combination of the salted egg and tinapa. I feel that the addition of more tomatoes will make a better contrast with the salty taste brought by the egg and tinapa.

I find this pizza flavor to be the most unique and THE flavor to try since it is the most uncommon to find.

The Place

MJ’s Cafe Bar is located across the baywalk in Malate. The place is good for dating, especially before sunset, as their deck has a clear view of Manila Bay. At night, it can be a hangout place for people wanting a cozy place for get-together and good food.

I just wonder if they will be able to add “Pinakbet” into their rosters of signature pizzas. That, I think would be another good addition to their Pinoydish-inspired pizzas 🙂


The delivery offered by MJ’s is only available for people within the 2-kilometer radius from their bar. That’s the downside from people who are far from the place. 🙁

Christmas Promo

Now if you want to try out the three pizzas, MJ’s has a Buy 1 Take 1 promo for Christmas on their signature pizzas:

  • Sisig Pizza (Php 335.00)
  • Bistek Pizza (Php 300.00)
  • Tinapa & Red Egg Pizza (Php 260.00) 
MJ’s Cafe Bar is located at Baypark along Roxas Boulevard Service Road, Malate, Manila. You can call them for deliveries at 475-4163


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