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Surviving 10K in Run United 2

By Posted on 3 m read

Unexpected and unintended. This is the summary of my experience in our recent try at 10K in Run United 2.

It was 3am when we got in front of Rizal Monument at Kilometer 0 marker, waiting for the actual run at 5am. With barely 2 hours of sleep, we were there, hoping for a big miracle to take us through the 10K run. Lol.

Going around the stalls that early, got us to see the offerings without the hassle of lining up while under the heat of sun. So we got some sample products from UniLab and a good buy of Php 180 for the 15 Eneveron Aktiv caps plus beltbag with 2 sports jugs.

Plus the good thing about it, is that we did not line up anymore to try the Enervon HP chocolate drink, and got to fill my jug, just good enough to give me a boost during the run.

Enervon Aktiv BeltBag

Other few things that we saw before the run are the setting-up of LifeProof cases for iPhone, iPad and SamsungLifeProof cases are all-weather cases to protect your mobile devices (waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and snowproof).

If you’re into active sports, then, cases like LifeProof can really help protect your gadget when you’re on the go.

LifeProof Paulo Rey Belen Cristelle Torres

Cristelle Torres, Paulo del Pilar and Me at LifeProof booth at Run United 2

Well, 30 minutes before the run, we warmed up a bit, and went to the starting lines. So when our batch of runners for the 10k started, BOOM! We ran. Of course without first taking photos of ourselves on the starting ine. Lol!

Run United 2 Starting Line Rey Belen Cristelle Torres

Remember, as it was my first time to really take on 10K, and so is Cristelle, we are both excited and anxious. Excited since running is really fun, we know it. We’ve had our runs before. Anxious because we are not working out anymore for almost a year already, plus, we did not train for the event, and we lack sleep. Those factors are, in reality, not good things for anyone going to run.

Our mindset was to just enjoy the run, take it slowly and not to beat ourselves up just to get a good time. Besides, we are not there to compete, we are there to jumpstart (again) a healthy lifestyle. Take baby steps to finish the run (or walk, Lol)

We paced ourselves not to strain ourselves just to finish fast. We also enjoyed looking at other participants, checking for familiar faces.

Run United 2 10K Run

Personally, I took it, one kilometer at a time. The longest that I run, before Run United 2, was 5k. But that was about 2 years ago. All I did in recent years was just run on a threadmill (for about 30 mins, not straight running) and in UP Diliman (about 2.2km).

It was a new thing for me to do a 10K – a challenge that I believe instilled some things in me.

I even envy the older people who got into longer races – 21K and 32K. I mean, they are more competitive and fitter than I am.

During the first few minutes and kilometers in the run, I was feeling still okay. I even reached the 5K without any physical strain.

Run United 2 5KM Marker

After reaching the 5K, I felt like it was already an achievement. I mean, this has been as far as I have gone before. And now, it was just half.

So, I ran more.

But at the 8K marker, I started to feel the fatigue on my right leg and foot. Without adequate training, my body can only go so far. Even if I wanted to, my body says to slow down. So we just walked and made few short runs to reach the 10K.

Lets Go LifeProof Run United 2

The LifeProof wristband that I was wearing says it all.. “Let’s GO!” For most of the time that I have a reason to quit, I just went on. And so, finally, we finished the race. It may not be the most competitive time for many. But for us, it was an achievement already.

Best of all, I did not injure myself to finish the race.

Rey Belen Cristelle Torres Run United 2 Run Rio

Lessons learned from the 10K run:

  1. Train weeks before the run
  2. Know your level and your target (competitive run, fun run or training run)
  3. Listen to you body. Know your limits.
  4. Sleep well. Eat well, Rest well before the run
  5. Enjoy while running

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