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Potatoes Recharge Schools Kids’ Energy

By Posted on 2 m read

We have all been kids (at least once in our lives, though I think somehow I’ve remained one! Haha!). I know you’d agree that when we were young, especially during our elementary days, we were always actively running around and playing with our classmates and friends. We did everything with much energy and vigor. Ah…. Those were the days!

Kids nowadays are no different, even with the advent of gadgets, many still spend the day doing exhausting activities. And of course, parents want their kids to enjoy play time and school work without compromising their health and skipping meals. So eating the right food at the right time is necessary to keep up with your growing kids’ needs.

One nutritious choice that can be part of the regular food intake of growing and active kids are potatoes.

Potatoes are naturally healthy if prepared and cooked right. These spuds are rich in vitamin C (boosts immunity), vitamin B6 (improves cognitive function) and potassium (important for healthy growth and building muscles). They are filled with “quality carbs” that help optimize mental and physical performance. Potatoes are also naturally fat-, sodium- and cholesterol-free.

And while potato fries are probably your child’s top choice (like most adults I know), there are several other ways to make your child consume the good nutritional value of potatoes.

There are potato-based soups, salads, main dishes, and even sweet and savory desserts that use potatoes. It’s just a matter of creativity in preparing the potatoes to make your kids eat healthier choices.

Potatoes USA, an organization that has brought US frozen, US tablestock and US dehydrated potatoes to Philippine shores.

They recently visited the culinary club of The Raya School in Fairview, Quezon City to demonstrate the potato’s versatility. After a session on the potato’s benefits, and a preparation and cooking demo, the students were challenged to try their own potato dishes at home.

And since the kids learned it easily, surely adults can do the same, right?

Try baking, or roasting, or mixing potatoes with low-calorie ingredients and flavorings and enjoy munching potatoes with your child. Consider also keeping the skin on for more nutrients.

Preparing and portioning the potatoes are a step towards healthier and happier kids. It’s time for them to learn that there’s so much more to power snacking and right eating, Whether they are in school or at home, potatoes are far better alternative than eating sweets.

High quality US Potatoes can be purchased from major supermarkets and groceries nationwide.

For more information on US potatoes, visit or like and follow Potatoes USA-Philippines on Facebook at

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