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Make Your Early Christmas Bonus Expand Your Finances

By Posted on 2 m read

Ber season is on!

With it comes the longest Christmas season in the whole world – only in the Philippines. Many Pinoys are thinking already of how they will be spending their Christmas bonuses from work. 

Many are thinking of the coolest and latest gadgets to buy or the best places to go to next.

But, this year, why don’t you try a different approach?

Why not use a part of your Christmas bonus to fund your education to financial independence?

This November 30, you can say that you give yourself an early Christmas gift with a day of financial literacy from a few of the best financial authors in the world – leading the way is best-selling author of Rich Dad series – Robert Kiyosaki.

Masters of Wealth Robert Kiyosaki in Manila

In his book, Kiyosaki mentioned that poor people tend to think of spending money more on the “doodads” or those things that are entirely taking money out of pockets, or generally, expenses. 

According to his books, the discipline in order to grow money is to make more conscious effort to acquire ASSETS or those that will generate more money for us. This way, we build our finances well enough to fund for our expenses. 

Masters of Wealth is a one-day event to be held in SMX Mall of Asia on November 30, 2015. This event is presented by Laurus Enterprises.

Below are the rates of the seats for the event.

Masters of Wealth Robert Kiyosaki in Manila Ticket Price

If I am right in my interpretation, right knowledge, practice, right people and right timing are key ingredients in building your finances. And this does not happen overnight.

So, maybe, now is the time to make an investment of time and money on learning from people who knows the trade, better than we do.

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