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Luxe Four-Hand Massage Experience at the Royal Oasis Luxe Spa

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Soaked too much into work or long exhaustive hours in business?

There are times that you need more than just a binge of chocolates or an 8-hour-sleep for energy booster or to ease off the stress.

Not everyone has the luxury of money and time to spend days off for  a cruise or vacation. So the next best practical thing to beat stress is via a day in the spa.

Because I have been travelling a lot, I have been feeling the tensed muscles and nerves on my back and legs since I have been walking a lot carrying around stuff. Thus, a trip to the Royal Oasis Luxe Spa last week was a good change of pace and a treat for my body.


First order of business when I arrived at Royal Oasis Luxe Spa was to choose the best massage for me.

Glancing thru their menu, I got curious with the Luxe Four-Hand Massage, a service that I haven’t tried yet before. So, I did not hesitate to check this one out for myself.

I was escorted to the Executive Room to change. At first, I thought I will be treated for a massage right away after a quick shower, but then, the good thing about the Royal Oasis Luxe is that they have a Dry Sauna Room.

Personally, I like the sauna. The feeling during and after sweating inside the room is terrific – far from the sweating you get from being inside a jam-packed LRT/MRT train, LOL.

But seriously, you have to take advantage of the sauna, as it is good for the body, plus it is FREE for any service you will avail.

After 15 minutes in the sauna, I went to my room (Executive Room) where I took a quick bath from the rainfall shower head. The rainfall shower is one of the few little details that adds value to the service, especially with its hot and cold water.

Royal Oasis Luxe Spa Executive Room with Own Shower


As I prepped for the Luxe Four-Hand Massage that I was so excited about, I imagined waiting for a therapist who’d be in a mutant-like-form with 4 arms. Instead, I saw two normal women, Jove and Gelyn, who were going to be my therapists. Hahaha.

I laid down on my belly toward the aromatic scent of peppermint under the bed and subjected myself to the four caring hands of my therapists.

At first, I found it odd. Being touched by four hands at the same time. I mean, I am used to having two hands massaging my back, but not four. After a while, I got the hang of it, and liked it a lot. The pressure applied by my therapists were hard already to start with, so it suited my preference in massage. Of course, you can always request for your preferred pressure.

Royal Oasis Luxe Spa’s version of its Four-Hand Massage is unique. The rhythmic movement of four hands coordinated to act like two big hands on my back was a great feeling.

I like how Jove and Gelyn’s synchronized movements and intensity pressed on my body. The movement I know they can see each other’s moves to coordinate, but the pressure, I find it amazing that they have almost same intensity which I believe take a lot of time together to practice and to perfect the technique.

From my back, to my arms, down to my legs and feet, the Four-Hand Massage is just hands down fantastic. One of the best massages I’ve tried in years. To top it all, I was served with  warm ginger tea after the massage.

I highly recommend the Four-Hand Massage of Royal Oasis Luxe Spa.

Royal Oasis Luxe Spa’s Four-Hand Massage is available for 60 and 90 minutes in two different rooms:

60 mins 90 mins
Single Room P 1,250 P 1,650
Executive Room (2 private beds + shower) P 1,750 P 2,150

The difference between the Single and Executive room is that the executive room has its own private shower room, while the single room has none thus, making you use the shower at the common wet floor area, which is not really a bad thing since the Dry Sauna Room is located inside the wet floor area.

Royal Oasis Luxe Spa Single Room


Aside from massages, Royal Oasis Luxe Spa has other premier services which combines relaxation and beautification.

You can try their Luxe Ultimate Relaxation Package which Cristelle, my fiancee tried for herself on her blog at GirlandBoyThing.

Here’s a complete list of their services and rates as of August 2017.


With bigger and wider space, Royal Oasis Luxe Spa is a big jump from its other branch in Fairview (Royal Oasis Spa).

It has more spacious rooms that offer services done in separate rooms for single or in groups. They can accommodate groups of 6 to 10 people – which is a nice way to bond with friends and family. Just be sure to make a reservation. They just a phone call away.

Aside from the usual massage rooms, there is another special room that only Royal Oasis Luxe Spa offers in Metro Manila, their Sanctuary Room. This room is dedicated for people who want to have quiet time for themselves–to pray, meditate, relax, read, work. think or even sleep. It’s a place to enjoy some peace and quiet time.

Located at the 2nd floor of ShopKing Mall, (beside Wilcon) in Dona Carmen Subd along Commonwealth, Royal Oasis Luxe Spa has enough parking spaces for guests. Plus, they have both the facilities of the mall outside their store, while keeping a quiet, secure place inside the spa.


Like what I said, if you’re into massage, you won’t go wrong with the Luxe Four-Hand Massage as it is absolutely great. That soothing pressure from four hands is like having your good-old massage but twice the delight. And with the dry sauna to start-off a session, there is no better way to do it.

The Royal Oasis Luxe Spa experience is by far one of the best massage experiences I’ve had in Metro Manila

Royal Oasis Luxe Spa
2nd floor Shopking Mall, Dona Carmen Subd., Corner Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.(Beside WILCON)
Contact: 426-7788 / 0917-8766699 / 0998-5999674
Open daily from 2PM to 12MN

Disclosure: Royal Oasis Luxe Spa management invited me to try their services. Choosing which service is my personal choice. 

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