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Inside Governor Chavit Singson’s “Baluarte” in Vigan

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I was one of the first few people to have an opportunity to visit Gov. Luis Chavit Singson’s home in Baluarte, Vigan, Ilocos Sur. And in one word, I can summarize the experience: GRANDEUR.

From the grounds of Baluarte Zoo, Gov. Chavit Singson’s “golden” home is very visible. It is the only building lustering from a far – as if a gold bar is standing right on top of the hill. That’s how I can imagine it.

Chavit Singson Baluarte (25)

Upon entry of Gov. Singson’s home, there are four huge posts holding the main entrance or lobby of the building. According to Gov. Singson, the posts’ exteriors are made of mother of pearls.

Each post cost Php 2-million.  Yes. Two million pesos EACH! And, yes, that is just one post.

Honestly, at that point, I can’t imagine how much the whole building would cost? Hehehehe.

Chavit Singson Baluarte (3)

Chavit Singson Baluarte (4)

Chavit Singson Baluarte (6)

Chavit Singson Baluarte (7)

The whole floor is somewhat the lobby / living room of the Governor Chavit Singson – a spacious room with couches and a piano to accent. And that is just one floor. Next stop is his dining room.

The dining room is more of a function room of a hotel to me. Since it can cater and host a lot of people simultaneously. I wonder how often does Gov. Chavit Singson eat in here? Hehehehe…

Chavit Singson Baluarte (14)

Chavit Singson Baluarte (15)

Chavit Singson Baluarte (22)

Next stop is the roof deck.

The topmost level – the roof deck. Below is the view upon opening of the elevator going to the roof deck.

Chavit Singson Baluarte (8)

Chavit Singson Baluarte (10)

Chavit Singson Baluarte (11)

Chavit Singson Baluarte (12)

Wait until you see his bedroom.

And of course, save the best for last, Gov. Chavit’s inner sanctum – his bedroom. And yes, I was one of the fortunate few to be able to see his bedroom. Not surprisingly, his love for tigers are very obvious. His bedroom door has a tiger head as a design.

Chavit Singson Baluarte (26)

His lavish lifestyle can be summarized in his bedroom. Below is a lamp for his bedroom, designed with a golden rifle.

Chavit Singson Baluarte (29)

 Below is his spacious bed. Jokingly, he said that his bed can fit six Brazilian women and 10 Pinays. Hahahaha!

That gave me a laugh.

Chavit Singson Baluarte (32)

With his own Jacuzzi inside the bedroom, spacious change-up room. What more can you ask for, right? Talk about a financially independent person.  What other people may just dream about,  Gov. Singson is just living it. It’s like a whole hotel being a house of one person.

What a home, right? And it is really different being inside his place.

I was intrigue by the design of his headboard. Sadly, I never had the chance to ask him anymore what it means. It is a tree surrounded with people – as if the people are going towards the tree.

Chavit Singson Baluarte (31)

I wonder how much would the whole building be worth? As Gov. Singson’s staff say, it’s been 10 years in the making already.

Just a thought, I’d definitely, would one his mother of pearl post in my own house or probably a wedding gift for me and my future wife. LOL!

Chavit Singson Baluarte (24)

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