Get a Free Hoodie from 7-Eleven Hoodie Time

You’d probably noticed the posters by now on top of some of the racks at your neighborhood 7-Eleven convenience store. It may seem like a new cartoon character for you. But guess what? It is a new character that 7-Eleven actually created especially made for their 7-Eleven Hoodie Time promo.

711 Hoodie TIme Store Rack

Though many know 7-Eleven for its Slurpee, hotdogs and other snacks, but, what’s surprising is that 7-Eleven, according to their records, gets good sales on the personal and health care products. That’s why this time, the nationwide convenience store launched its 7-Eleven Hoodie Time promo for customers using their 7-Eleven Ever Day Rewards Card while buying any participating personal care products.

711 Rewards Card

Customers get the exclusive and limited Hoodie for every 10 Hoodie Points they collect. Each Hoodie Point is earned for every Php 100 single or accumulated purchase of participating personal care products. So, it means that to earn the 10 Hoodie Points is worth Php 1,000 of single or accumulated receipts for personal care products purchased at any 7-Eleven.

Plus, when you buy any of the Hoodie Time Booster Products, you get extra point. Well, to get the complete list of the personal care products available at 7-Eleven, better check this link out.

711 Hoodie TIme

Each Hoodie Point you earn will automatically register to your 7-Eleven Every Day Rewards Card. When you reach the 10 Hoodie Points, you can show the SMS notification and show it to the nearest 711 store to reserve your hoodie. Choose between the two designs.

The 711 Hoodie Time Promo runs from September 17 to October 28. So, for those who are nearing to reach the 10 Hoodie Points, go get them.

711 Marketing Team

But for those who are still far from earning their points, do not frown, as 711’s marketing team sees the overwhelming response of the customers, then they will most likely extend the promo for those who are nearing to reach the 10 Hoodie Points.

So, I am pretty sure there’s another good reason why you’ll buy your personal care items now from 711. Aside from being able to use the products yourself, you get an additional limited edition hoodie for free.



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