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Finding Your Parking Spot Easier at SM Carpark

By Posted on 2 m read

Tired of driving up and down, and around the parking area just to find a vacant spot?

Well, I am pretty sure that your answer is as good as mine… a big YES.

It is time, effort and money-consuming just to find a parking slot inside malls, especially on weekends, holidays and of course, sale.

SM Carpark

So, who wouldn’t lose their top just doing one, right?

Well, there is good news in using technology in finding a parking slot in malls.

SM Malls followed what the trend in progressive countries are doing – using LED or Light Emitting Diodes as spot indicators in their parking areas.

The LEDs have green and red lights that steadily flashed to indicate the status of the slot. Green light indicates availability of the spot, while Red Light means the spot is occupied.

LED park indicator SM Carpark

Simple as it may seem, but I think that the effects of this simple implementation is significant for the customers, establishment (SM) and the environment.

Customers can benefit much in saving time, effort, fuel and of course money in finding an open slot. It can also free the customer some tension that might arise from long waiting time finding an open slot.

SM can benefit from it much since there will be longer time for people to shop and less time to park.

Environment (and people) will be spared as well from the added carbon monoxide emitted in cases of longer running engines just to find an open parking slot.

LED park indicator SM Carpark

Good thing that the usage of LEDs are being implemented accross many platforms in the county. With LEDs beneficial properties like low energy consumption, longer lifespan and cost-efficiency, I wouldn’t be surprised if SM Malls will not be alone in doing these kinds of innovation in commercial establishments, not just for electronic billboards and monitors, but also in other things.

So, have you tried parking in an LED-signaled slot?

Share your thoughts.

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