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Dampa sa Libis Offers More than Just Seafoods

By Posted on 3 m read

If you are wondering of a place where you have more choice as to the ingredients and how your food will be cooked? Then, one of the best possible options that pops your head is the Dampa sa Libis.

This is the usual hangout of people within the Central to eastern part of Metro Manila where they can get to buy fresh seafoods and order them cooked at their own liking.

In a privileged meet with the management, Dampa sa Libis disclosed that they have added more attraction to the place.

“Dampa sa Libis has evolved now into more than just fresh seafood market and on-site cooking place.” said Faith Jimenez Dampa sa Libis’ operations manager.

Jimenez said that the place is a “one-stop-shop” for families and group of friends. “We have our dry goods (tiangge) for waiting customers and of course our wet market for seafoods and different stalls who cook for them,” added Jimenez.

Zenny Nicolas, Wet Market Head (L), Faith Jimenez, Operations Manager (R)

Binto Omayon Restaurant Supervisor (L), Jorge Santos – Assistant Manager (R)


“We have added more to the menu. Aside from the popular seafood dishes of the place, Dampa sa Libis offers “Ribeye Steak,” disclosed Jorge Santos. The assistant manager said that people still ask for other foods, that’s why they offered it. However, still, people go there for the seafood dishes.

According to Santos, average meals’ cost per group range from Php 1,500 and above. This usually include 4 dishes good for six (6) average eating people.

Ribeye Steak with Shrimp Php 750

Ribeye Steak with Shrimp side dish Mixed Veggies

Cream Dori

Fried Spring Roll


Santos said that Dampa sa Libis is cheaper than competition. He added that their “PALUTO” or cooking services cost only Php 145 per kilo or Php 90 per half (1/2) kilo, compared to other places which offer more than that.

Jimenez on the other hand stressed that what they offer is more than just food, rather, the experience. This is why the management insisted that all the tenants and service crew will serve customers with a smile – even at worst times.

“It’s our policy here to serve with a smile on our faces everytime. Iba kasi pag naka-smile. Kahit may conflict or erring ang customer, gumagaan ang issues.” Jimenez said.


The wet market head, Zenny Nicolas stated that in Dampa sa Libis they continually train the service staff and tenants to be professional at all times. She stressed the importance of professional customer relations. Nicolas added that their people are aware that they have to far different from the usual “wet market.”


Dampa sa Libis offers their parking space free to customers. This, they say, is an advantage they gave to the customers and tenants.

Jimenez said that they also accomodate function meetings. With more rooms now to accomodate people. Their air-conditioned function rooms can accomodate from 15 to 80 people depending on the room.

“Our rates are very affordable considering that they are consumable. Compared to other places, na room palang may charge na. Dito, we customized our rates na for sure, with their numbers, kulang pa yung consumable rates that we tagged our rooms.” the operations manager added.

Function Room Rates (Consumable rates for 3 hours)

  • Php 2,500 – good for 15 to 20 people
  • Php 3,500 – good for 25 to 35 people
  • Php 10,000 – good for 80 people


  • Located at 107 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Libis, Quezon City
  • Tel. No.: 637-3301 or 395-5050

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  • Angelo Cruz
    March 27, 2012

    Dampa has a poor service & poor quality of foods!!! Went there last Saturday, maalat pagkain at sobrang tamis din buttered garlic prawns nila. wev waited for an hour almost para maiserve pagkain namin…sayang pera namin! Hinding hindi na kami babalik pa jan sa dampa sa libis! NEVER!!!! I guess Faith should do is to hire competent Officers just like before. I thought having a Supervisor in the restaurant is to supervise and assist guest needs! Where the hell did she get this Binto?! Moron!

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