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Filipino blogger Rey Belen travels the Philippines and other countries to take a peek at the top natural and man-made tourist attractions, culture and food.

By Posted on 5 m read

Journey Into the “Deep”: Inside Sungai Lembing Mines

I have been into caves for spelunking activity, but getting inside tunnels  …

By Posted on 8 m read

One Place Tons of Attractions in Pahang Malaysia Bukit Gambang Resort City

‘Traveling in groups to Pahang might be a concern, as different people …

By Posted on 6 m read

Moments with Asian Elephants at Kuala Gandah Sanctuary – National Elephant Conservation Centre

Horton, Dumbo, Tantor and Manny, four of probably the most popular fictional …

By Posted on 4 m read

True Malaysian Experience in Kampungstay Desa Murni

One of the benefits of traveling is learning faster about the place, …