Auntie Anne’s Fills their new Pretzels with KitKat Wind Upz

It is a regular thing in the mall that whenever I pass by Auntie Anne’s to stop by due to the inviting aroma.

And I bet, you will do the same. I’ve always like their Almond and the Cinnamon pretzel. The sweet blend of flavoring in their soft to a bit crunchy pretzel has been a good thing to my palette.

And just recently, Auntie Anne welcomed a new addition to their breads. This time around, with a collaboration of a known chocolate wafer snack that many also love – Kitkat.

Auntie Annes

The Auntie Anne’s KitKat Wind Upz is one of the newest attractions in this pretzel house. The Kitkat Wind Upz is available in all Auntie Anne’s store for only Php 79.

I saw how Auntie Anne’s staff prepared.

Auntie Annes Kitkat Wind Upz Making

Kitkat Wind Upz Auntie Anne

The Kitkat Wind Upz is basically a Kitkat choco wafer wrapped inside a pretzel then baked. As soon as it is baked, sugar is sprinkled on the pretzel and served to the customer.

While it is hot, like what I had, the Kitkat inside seemed to have melted. So the chocolate flavor sinks into some parts of the pretzel.

Auntie Anne Kitkat Wind Upz

Kitkat Wind Upz Aunti Annes

The Auntie Anne’s Kitkat Wind Upz is available starting this November.

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