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A Quick 10-minute Haircut at HQ Barbershop

By Posted on 3 m read

If you’re a man who is always on the go and wants the basic things done fast, then, you would definitely want a haircut done in 10 minutes.

Yes, only 10 minutes.

I tried the HQ Barbershop, a new haircut service shop at the lower ground floor of SM North EDSA Annex, right before ACE Hardware.

HQ Barbershop at SM North Annex

The founders of HQ Barbershop based its concept on shops in Singapore and Japan, wherein people come and go to have their hair cut in just a few minutes.

In the Philippines, this is a new concept, since most of the local Filipino barbershop (and salon) tend to take longer for basic haircut services. Factors that take longer are: customers tend to talk a lot with the stylists, customer asks for massage and all other stuff.

HQ Barbershop Interiror

HQ Barbershop is good at simplifying things. From the boutique design to manpower and purpose.

The shop puts into action the virtue “less is more.”

The boutique can accommodate four customers simultaneously. With a relatively small space, the HQ Barbershop optimised each equipment.

Like the mirror fronting the customer, it also serves as a cabinet for the things that a customer carries. This serves a simple, yet vital role, in keeping the things of the customer safe.

HQ Barbershop Cabinet

The same drawer stores all the things that the barber needs like scissors, razors, hand sanitizer, blower, vacuum and sterilizer. All the tools, scissors and razors, used are kept in a sterilizer, making sure that the tools are all clean before and after usage.

HQ Barbershop Sterilizer

Another is that, HQ Barbershop only has limited people within the shop, all of them are barbers only. Yes, barbers only. The shop does not have any human cashier to take the money from.

HQ Barbershop has a touchscreen payment system to accept the payments before the haircut. Pretty neat. 🙂

HQ Barbershop Computerized Payment

It is a MUST for HQ Barbershop stylists to apply hand sanitizer to customers before any services.

And so, the cutting begins! Hahaha!

HQ Barbershop Sanitation

Honestly, I find it hard to find a stylist that would suit the “styling” needed for my lucks. Why? 

On a sidenote, I have a problematic, dry, often times, I thought of my hair as “dead” already, due to the damage it endured when I was playing basketball during my teens in during high noon. Yes, under the extreme rage of the sun. And sadly, after years of doing that, my skin got so dark, and my hair started to dry.

After that, it was hard to manage and style my hair, and it became curly dry. 🙁

Thus, every time I  take a haircut, I often times have a problem getting my hair “fixed” in a neat, good way.

HQ Barbershop Cut

Gladly, after 10 minutes of styling, I find the HQ Barbershop is pretty neat. Simple yet, it didn’t turned out the way I feared it to be. Because it is very often that I experience that whenever I go to a new stylist, they would have a hard time with the appropriate haircut for me due to so many reasons, like limited applicable styles (caused by dry, dull hair), too many hair whorls (puyo in Filipino).

Surprisingly, on just the first try, HQ Barbershop stylist did the job for my hair. Hehehe.

Another cool thing in HQ is their way of cleaning the hair from your head and shoulders – using vacuums.

HQ Barbershop Vacuum

And just before the whole 10 minutes was over, I got a quick massage for my shoulders and back – like a good old day massage in traditional Filipino barbershop. Aaaaaahhh..

HQ Barbershop

Part of their service is giving the HQ personalized comb, this they say, asserts their value for sanitation. And even if you’re a regular in the salon, HQ will still give you the comb, or if not, throw it away already.

HQ Barbershop Comb

I just forgot to take photos of how HQ Barbershop deals with all the hairs on the floor. You will be surprised how. Go check it out after your next haircut in HQ Barbershop.

Before I forget, HQ Barbershop haircut service cost Php 200. You pay using their machine.

So, who wants to get a try in HQ Barbershop? I am giving away FIVE (5) vouchers to try their haircut service

HQ Barbershop Pass.jpg

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